Really Old Cemeteries in NOLA

Photos provided by: Destination Photos by SNP

You will find ancient but very interesting cemeteries in New Orleans. There are a few around town, I chose a couple closest to the downtown area on the map. You can stroll along on your own (at your own risk) or travel there with a tour group. I happened to go with a friend and just took my time walking around, taking in the history. It’s hard to believe how old some of these burials are! I have pictures of some dates but out of respect, chose not to share them as they contain names.


“Like many other graveyards in the city, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 was submerged when the levees and flood walls that protect New Orleans gave way under the pressure from the storm surge caused by Hurricane Katrina in August.

But New Orleans’ above-ground tombs held fast, while traditional graves in outlying areas in flood regions were destroyed, scattering coffins and human remains.

‘These cemeteries are truly unique in the world,’ said Rob Florence, the author of two books about New Orleans, as he made his first return this week to St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, the oldest surviving city graveyard which was opened in 1789 when the city was under Spanish rule…The cemetery’s architectural style and design borrow heavily from the French and Spanish traditions, Florence said, except that New Orleans, long prone to flooding because of its low lying areas, chose to house the bodies higher in the brick and marble tombs that stand like tiny houses”.

Read more at Famed New Orleans’ Tombs Survive Katrina’s Wrath


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